5 Gold Wedding Cakes with Enough Glamour We’ll Love

Apparently, metallic details on party edible properties are in trend today. This metallic finish goes to wedding cake as well. Gold apparently the star for a wedding and it does add enough glamour on the cake. Take a peek on these cakes for best looking gold wedding cakes.

Romantic Gold in White

This tree tiers cake is a modern piece that combines white and gold together. The base color is white frosting, which is finished smoothly for sleek surface. Then, the second tier is further covered with gold color while the color goes further up to the lower part of the first tier, and upper part of the third tier.

Gold, White, and Flowers

Of course, the combination between white on the top tier and gold on the lower tier is logical. It goes great but both colors are too bright as well. To balance the brightness, this cake is then embellished with blooming flowers and a little greenery. The bold color flower makes great statement on this cake, making it more defined.

Romantic Cake in Three Hues

The four tiered cake is finished in three different color. The top tier is covered in white frosting while a little gold pour is added for accent. The second tier and the fourth is finished in blushing pink, making the cake a little romantic yet elegant. The third tier is fully covered in gold, adding glamorous touch on the cake.

Pink and Gold in Hot Hues

This cake is bolder than the rests on this list. The two tiered cake is finished in hot gold on the top tier and hot pink on the lower tier. The colors alone is already enough to create a style. The frosting is textured for more accent, and soft pink bloom is added for topper.

All Gold Covered

This cake is entirely covered with gold color. The tree tiers cake doesn’t feature any special frosting style or anything. The entire look is entirely constant in shape and in color. The only accent added on this cake is just the pink ribbon tied on the second tier. It looks modern and very glamorous but sweet as well with the pink ribbon.

Gold is great to add in a wedding cake. In fact, it has enough drama and glamour to create a posh look for the cake. If you know how to combine it with other elements, it will look great while it remains delicious as well at the same time.