5 Modern Wedding Invitations for Ultimate Sophistication

Many couples love to use modern theme for their wedding and modern invitation is in order of course. While modern style is rich on simplicity and practical design, it doesn’t mean we can’t explore more on the designs and details. Take a look at the following invitations. They are awesome.

With Animation Illustration

Instead of going too modern, this invitation is enriched with animated illustration with cute profiles of the bride and the groom on the background. The offbeat typography adds rich graphic aesthetic with contemporary style. The other details are simple and practical, making this invitation a perfect example of modern wedding invitation with a little bit of fun on color theme.

Simple and Clean Design

The couple love to collect typewriters and we can see how the lettering is highly affected by it. The words used in the invitation are totally like a vintage letter personally written by the couples. The design of the invitation is simple and very clean without ornaments, which make the most modern look. We should love the envelope that is finished in steel grey color with parchment stamp for contrastive detail.

Marble Look

Unlike most invitations, this one features marble details on the paper. While the entire invitations suite is letterpressed and foil printed, the selection on color palette is totally modern too for being so simple and contemporary. There is nothing spectacular on the lettering and designs, but the marble accent enriched everything, taking it to the next level.

Geometric Invitation with Simple Design

This invitation is all about contemporary look and super simple design. The entire suite is finished in white and taupe shade, making it young, modern, and minimalist at display. The entire cut and designs are made simple and geometric, a precise style for modern look. Nothing bold is added in the invitation including the invitation. This can look pale but it can look urban as well.

Blue and Bold

The design alone is simple and very common. The main act is on the color play. While it adopts white for background, this invitation pops out for wearing bold blue on the rest of the invitation, making the white finish even more contrastive.  The sans-serif lettering is a perfect choice while the fading detail is clever.

By far, these invitations are the best modern suites. They have the simple cut and design, modern colors, and minimalist details for the contemporary look. Which one is your favorite?