5 Rustic Wedding Cake We’ll Absolutely Love

Rustic wedding is on trend today yet many brides don’t know what to do with the cake. They want the same rustic look without compromising this delicacy. While it can be confusing at first, you should be able to get some inspiration from these rustic wedding cakes. Check this out.

Dusty Rose Topper

Rustic tends to match vintage and not-so-new look. This is why the dusty roses make perfect topper for the simple cake. The small and simple one tier cake looks richer with the topper, making it elegant and perfect for a wedding. Yet the clean and modest shape makes it perfectly rustic. It looks vintage without compromising the good look.

Naked Cake with Organic Topper

Rustic will go great with natural details. This three tiers cake doesn’t look glamorous at all. It looks rustic and modest for being naked, finished without frosting at all. The addition of a whole apple for the topper is a brilliant idea. It looks really rustic and simple while it looks fresh and inviting at the same time. This is an interesting idea to steal.

Rustic Chocolate Wedding Cake

This cake can be small and modest, but the chocolate frosting is already an invitation to drool on it. The cake is cute and the frosting isn’t smooth, which is perfect for rustic style. We should love the fogs topper while the idea of using stand made of tree trunk that is laid on top of fur layer is totally amazing.

Berrilicious Pie

The couple must have intense liking on unusual thing. Instead of using the usual cake, they prefer for berry pie. We must admit, the idea of using pie instead of cake is very country in style and is a perfect match for rustic wedding. While the farm harvests are well used here, the delicacy offered is still perfect.

Applachian Dessert for Cake

This cake is unique while staying rustic at the same time. This apple stack cake is actually a traditional desert which is often served in Southern country areas. Using this cake is perfectly vintage and rustic. Being traditional, this cake has its own charm and beauty to wow the wedding.

There are abundant ideas when it comes to rustic cakes. You only need to make sure it has the vintage touch and country style. Don’t overdo your cake and feel free to expose the naked look on modest finishing as well. It looks great and delicious at the same time.