5 Rustic Wedding Decorations for Best Country Look!

Rustic wedding seems to be the most popular wedding style today. It looks like it blends with the nature. It is simple and modest without compromising the romance and sweetness we need. If you are thinking about having rustic wedding, these decorations will give you the best look. Check it out.

Cheerful Arrangements

This table flower arrangements give a cheerful look as it uses random colors on an arrangement, and they are placed on China vessels that don’t match to each other actually. The flowers are the wild flowers we can easily find, which make the most rustic look. The tabletops doesn’t only look lovely and cheerful but also country-like.

Rustic Table Number

This table number is cute while it is so charming as well. The number is made of cardbox and it gets white paint stencil on it. It is then wrapped with a bundle of wheat. This table number isn’t only functional. It looks decorative at the same time without compromising the rustic concept. It is cheap and easy to make too.

Rustic Wedding Favors

These favors are actually salted caramel bars which are homemade and made oversized. The wrapping is wax and the packaging is then enriched with something more. For sweet look, the favors get newsprint tied with ribbon and sealed with vintage wax seal. Place it on top of the plates and you have décor and favor at the same time.

Rustic Car Sign

This car sign is made out of 18×30 inch of wood which is then finished with grayish paint and white stencil. There are several metal cans that are sprayed with silver, and everything is then tied together with rope. This car sign is simple and very country-like, making your Benz, or maybe buggy and horse, more festive.

Wild Rustic Bouquet

This is probably one of the most important outfit as well as décor details. Small and wild flowers will make wonderful bouquet when swept up together. This bouquet is one of the best examples you should consider. It uses coreopsis, heather, and chamomile. Feel free to use any flowers you can find near you.

While rustic wedding looks relaxing, casual, yet romantic, making the decorations isn’t that hard either. You only need to use simple things around you and make sure it gets the vintage and country look. Feel free to use nature for rich look and explore on more creativity for a twist.