5 Vintage Wedding Invitations You’ll Cry to Make

Vintage style for a wedding is always a delightful details to make. If it goes to your wedding theme, it should go for the invitation as well. Vintage style allows you to make intricate details with a little twist to make the fun. Check out the following invitations for fresh inspiration.

Vintage Art Deco

This invitation suite features white, black, and silver color for the entire details. The vintage look is richly contributed by the art deco added on the printing design. It simply adds the vintage feeling without compromising the sophistication. The other detail that should capture your eyes is the calligraphy which is beautifully finished for the invitation.

Monogram Classic

This invitation is highly inspired by the wedding venue. Held at the Boston Public Library, this invitation is all about bespoke monogram to reach the ultimate elegance. Meanwhile, the calligraphy is totally alluring, rich of vintage feeling for you to read. At the back of the itinerary, this invitation gets a damask detail which makes it totally vintage all the way.

The Velvet

The bride designs and finishes this invitation herself. She created the invitation out of velvet paper and then gave it a bind with a torn cloth. Of course, the velvet cards are debossed. The tags are sing flower pattern which makes it classically vintage. The rest of the details are totally old fashioned and classic, making this invitation an authentic vintage suite.

Invitation on Handkerchief

Apparently, the couple wants to hold a tea-party like wedding. So the invitation goes with the same theme as well. While other additional cards are using white paper, the main invitation is printed on a vintage style handkerchief. The entire things are then slipped in the brown paper envelope, making it a time machine invitation in the past.

Boho and Vintage

This is probably one of the most brilliant combinations for wedding invitation. While the vintage style is clearly seen from the old world calligraphy and matte gold wax seal, we should feel the Bohemian touch on the worn velvet ribbon and romantic atmosphere. The rest of the details is a consistent work of art, making it vintage with earthy touch.

As you can see, vintage wedding invitation doesn’t need to be monotonous. It can use more creativity so the vintage look still gets the fun, drama, and sophistication in a unique way. Adopt one of those ideas and adjust it to your style.