5 Wedding Reception Decorations You Can’t Skip

Wedding reception decoration plays important role in building the whole atmosphere. From the entrance to the band stage, decoration adds a little drama and it often makes people feeling comfortable in the venue. These decorations offer great atmosphere and look at the same time. You need to check these out.

More Greeneries and More Small Flowers

Today’s trend tends to feature small and wild flowers for the decoration. Like these rustic flower arrangements, in addition to the small wild flowers in white hues, it is enriched with greenery which makes it more alive, natural, and very rustic. The use of bronze finished tin is a brilliant touch to give the country look.

Featuring Wooden Furniture

While it is always more practical to use the plastic, wooden furniture has better value in many ways. First, it looks better polished. Second, the natural color simply encourages the entire decoration details. Third, you don’t need a lot of things to make it looks great. It means you can actually save some more from decoration by using wooden furniture.

Fun Photo Backdrops

This backdrop is especially special. While the background is on light pastel blue, the colorful flowers simply pop out naturally, making the entire backdrop a great decoration while it is fully functional as well. It can be a great focal point if you are willing to use several layers of colors. While it looks stunning, your guests would like to marvel during the wedding with it.

Add a Wall of Family Photo

This idea is still rarely used today, but it is going to be a trend very soon. This family photo wall features several wedding photos of the previous generations of the bride and groom. While it is stunning for decoration, it actually brings memories back to the family and gives the wedding a warm touch.

Hang the Flowers

While standing flower arrangements are common, you should consider hang your lush arrangements up. First, it allows more space on the table and floor. Second, it fills the upper part of your venue. Third, it adds drama. Fourth, if you don’t like particular details of the venue, you can keep everyone’s eyes up.

Wedding reception decoration isn’t only about table centerpieces. There are more aspects to decorate and there are many other ways to make your venue stunning. Adopt those ideas and enjoy making the best look and function at the wedding reception.