5 Wedding Stage Decorations for Best Style

One detail we often forget when deciding decorations for a wedding is the stage décor. It is often left out, and on the D-day, it remains usual, which is a flaw on your whole concept. Instead of leave it without décor, there are several ideas that we can adopt to create perfect style for the decorations. Check this out.

The Outdoor Romance

This stage is located on an outdoor wedding venue and it gets all it takes for being airy. The roof and open layout of the stage creates intimate and the most relaxing atmosphere. There is not much added on the stage. It gets the vintage cable lights, a pair of drapes with flowers tie, and flower arrangements on top at the stage gate. It is simple yet romantic.

The Ballroom Stage

The stage alone already stands out for being higher than the rests. Laid right in front of the dance floor, the stage practically doesn’t need anything. It gets flower arrangements set at the front line, and there is only lighting to enrich the look. With the wedding venue is already great, keeping the stage simple like this will create a balance.

White on White Stage

This stage is probably wearing monotonous hue, but it manages to look great. The entire wedding venue is covered with white tent including this stage. Being consistent with the rest parts of the venue, this stage gets a pair of tall flower arrangements on each side for borders and flower details in the same hues at the front. Classic.

The Country Stage

This stage is simple and casual as it is. The stage is build out of wood, creating higher ground for standing out appearance. To highlight the stage, the decorator only adds string lights, making the stage more rustic than ever. Down and at the front, this stage gets flower accents and tree trunk details. It’s modest yet cute.

Rustic Stage

Laid right over the dance floor, this stage uses the architectural feature that already exists. The terrace is re-functioned as a stage. The highlight lies upon the rustic tumblr sting lights, and there is nothing else to add on it. The terracotta walls and the night sky already make great completion for the stage. It is modest and rustic without compromising the wow factors.

In sum, you don’t have to overdo your wedding stage to make it stands out. Many times, simple setting and arrangements like these stages are more than enough to complete your wedding venue.