5 Wedding Table Decorations to Make Guests Love Their Seat

One of the most important decoration details in a wedding is the table décor. It is where you serve the guests, and where your guests spend a lot of the time. We want the table to be inviting and impressive yet we also need to make sure it gives your guests enough room for everything. Check these ideas to address all of those needs.

Green Table

Green is included a lot recently and it is actually very lovely. This table gets green roof with dramatic setting to make it enchanting and dreamy. While the table actually features specially arranged bushes to create consistent look, the dining sets feature the combination of neutral and neon hues. It is very vibrant while staying fresh and charming.

Rustic Table

The key for successful rustic table decorations lies on the country details. Like this table, it gets candle light hanging over it in jars, and we should love the wooden pillars and dropping leaves. While on the table, we get green centerpieces along the table completed with candles in vases. The rests include white and wood hues for best rustic look.

Industrialist Table

Even though the venue is indoors, this table makes us feel like we are actually outside and on certain time in the past. The industrial light hanging over the table creates dramatic and decorative look, perfect for selfie and group photos. The centerpieces are a couple of flower arrangements on blush and depths of green while it gets metallic and black vases. It gets a lot of black but it is perfect.

Minimalist Table

Many couple don’t like too many things decorating their table. They find it unnecessary and too much. For simple souls, this table will make perfect design. It lays out the dining set like usual, featuring bronze silverware, crystal glass, and burgundy glass. It gets small candles on cups for a little drama, but the centerpiece is a long string of leaves and twigs only. It’s very minimal yet sweet and intimate.

Cheerful Summer Table

This table has everything it takes for a wedding table. The flower arrangements immediately catch the eyes for including bold hues on jars for vases. The table liner is on neutral color, giving it the best summer feeling. The rests are designed to be simple, including the dark brown boxed wedding favors. It looks fun and inviting.

Don’t get confused on what to add on your wedding table. Work with your theme and use those ideas for inspiration. Happy decorating!