5 White Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Fall for Classic Style

White wedding cake is probably considered as the most classic and common option. Many people think that white cake is timeless while the others believe it is too boring for today’s taste. Worry not. With enough creativity to add on the cake, white wedding cake can be something fresh and anti mainstream as well. Check out these cakes.

White Cake with Cacti

You should agree that by the look alone, this cake is totally unique and not boring at all. The bride decided for vanilla cake with white finish. The two tier cake design seems common but the addition of orange and red flowers makes the cake entirely looks different. Topped with a pair of cactus, this cake has the most unusual finish. Very fun yet pretty and timeless.

Chic Cake with Green Ornaments

This cake is actually lemon cake with more refreshing taste than boring white cake we can usually find. The cake has four tiers and it looks enormous just as it is. It is placed in a chic tray, making it a pleasant display while the boring look soon disappears as the cake is topped with a succulent and a bunch of flowers.

Greenery Accent on White Cake

This white cake hides a pleasant surprise of delicious chocolate sponge cake under the cream frosting. Even though the size is small enough, it looks vibrant and fresh with the addition of the greenery as toppers. It looks simple, natural, and energized in its modest finishing.

White Cake with Natural Look

This cake is actually ivory and it hides three different flavors inside. It is classic chocolate at the lower tier, chocolate chip on the second tier, and raspberry butter cream filling on lemon cake on the top tier. The simple ivory frosting is topped with flowers and twigs, grabbing nature on its design.

Energizing White Garden Cake

This cake is actually chiffon cake that is covered beautifully with white butter cream frosting. The four tiers cake is then decorated with real fresh raspberries, boozy lemon curd in every inch of it. While the white color makes a neutral background, the toppers pop out naturally, making the cake looks timeless and dreamy.

White cake doesn’t have to be too common and boring. Those cakes above are the right examples for creativity and white timeless finish. If you want the timeless look without compromising today’s taste for a little fun and twist, use one of the cake designs above.