Fancy DIY Wedding Decorations For Cool Wedding

Wedding ceremony is not an exception for DIY lovers! It is a creative way to show the unique personality of the couples. Also, the result has similar glitter to those prepared by the wedding planner. Especially for those with limited budget wedding, this option must be included in the list.

Painted Mason Jar

It is time to give your mason jar the chance to glow. Take them out from the cupboard and coat it with pastel tone paint. Choosing various color is allowed, but one tone center piece would be prettier. If you want to show vintage look, rub the surface sloppily with sandpaper after dried.

Glittery Chair Banner

In any wedding, the couple seat for the bride and groom shouldn’t be forgotten. For a chic chair tag, what about making one by yourself? The tag simply said mr. and mrs, coated with glitter. Don’t forget to let the board dry completely before hung on the back of the chair.

Wooden Table Number

If you want to serve course menu in your wedding party, table number is a must. Instead of boring acrylic platform, you can make it out of the leftover round log. Cut it into similar size and write big number in the middle. Help the table number stands by tying several small branches.

Flower Vase with Tag

Another option to give special seat for family and close friends are by using simple name tag on a vase. Use hole puncher to give space for the rope to slip in. Don’t forget to write the name on it and fill the vase with wild flower with similar tone to the paper.

Glittered Candle Holder

Being the host of wedding dinner? Make it shine even brighter with glittery candle holder. Dip the candle holder to the glue, and then flip it. Let the glue flow on the side, then roll the holder on a tray of glitter. For fancier look, mix at least two glitter colors.

Confetti Push Pop

To create spectacular effect for your entrance, make your own confetti. Ask the guest to hold it when you and your spouse step into the venue. Don’t forget to add personalized label.

Thinking about a way to cut the wedding budget? Take DIY ornament into consideration. It is easy to make in big number and won’t take too much of your time. Some examples presented above are just the tip of the iceberg. Do you dare to take the challenge and show your crafting ability?