Six Pretty Lace Wedding Cakes Ideas

How would you like your wedding to be? If it is the vintage style with elegant touch, then lace should be included in the decoration. This ornament could be paired easily with the wedding dress as well as the hall concept. Then, isn’t it just right to stick with this idea for the cake as well?

Different Tier, Different Laces

The beauty of a wedding cake is the multiple layer it could bear. Taking advantage of these layers, you could apply different laces part on it. For example, the bottom layer takes the beauty edges, and the layer right above it is decorated with the lace ornament. Make it prettier with tiny beads on the round edge.

Soft Wedding Gown Cake

Have you ever imagined about a cake that resembles the wedding gown? Now your wish could come true. Take three tiers cake; the bottom is twice or one third wider than the two layers above. Cover it with fondant and make simple ruffle on the edge. The beading and lace ornament then will be stuck to the fondant.

Flower And Leaves Lace Cake

Those who love the ornament more than the frilly decoration would love this idea. For the tiers, take the flower and leaves pattern as the double cover. To hide the uneven edge, cover it with plain white fondant, and double it with shiny silver ribbon. Here it comes the elegant cake!

Elegant Black Lace

For a wedding cake with charming look, pair white cake with black lace. Make sure the wavy edge is facing upwards, placed close to the tier surface. Near the bottom, stick a matte black ribbon. It will accentuate the pattern. For the topper, place three big pastel roses.

Alphabet Initial

Looking for something unique with lace? Then put oversized alphabet on one side. Believe it or not, the guests will at least take a glance at the cake. When they walk closer, the lace curves would be shown. It is stuck few inches below the rounded edges, creating magnifying illusion.

Lace Wedding Cake With 3D Ornament

There is a way to make your cake looks real. Taking lace is fine, but it will only give embossed effect on the cake. If you want to make it more amazing, then you will need 3D ornament. For a wedding cake, the suitable ones are butterfly and flowers.

Lace is one of the iconic item for charming vintage wedding. Many people also love lace because it could deliver modern vibe and has many different color and pattern option. Mix and match with some other ornaments to make it even prettier. You may take the above samples for your role model.