Six Printable Wedding Invitations You’ll Never Get Sick Of

While several couples could enjoy the process of designing their wedding invitation, some others don’t really have creative mind or time to make it work. Unfortunately, time keeps tickling and the big day will come soon. For those who currently are in this situation, what about picking one from the ready template?

Chalkboard Vibe

Black and white has eternal charm, even for the wedding invitation design. Play a little trick to it by giving chalkboard effect; a little white shading in the middle. To compliment the chalkboard, make the font white with the special effect of chalk handwriting. If you want, you can also have different types of font for every section.

Chrysanthemum Edge

When the guests receive your invitation, there must be certain wow factor. This is important, especially when you are going to hint about exciting party instead of the formal one. For this purpose, you have the chrysanthemum template. Its basic color is white and yellow, but you can always change it to your preference.

Dark Damask Border

This is another option for those who loves black and white theme. Damask pattern is so popular as it is used in many products; book cover, wallpaper, etc. There is a royalty vibe from the pattern, which is also automatically shown once you put it on the wedding invitation border.

Sweet Dandelion Invitation

Who loves flowers, colors, and lines? The dandelion template will surely meet your expectation. Combining three mate colors; purple, teal and dark green, the template is trying to define fancy in its own way. The oversized dandelion takes almost half of the page, but the letter is still readable.

Bike Theme

Since wedding is about bringing two individual to one family, isn’t it great to incorporate an icon that symbolize togetherness? Take a look at the classic tendon bike. It has two seats, which represent the bride and groom and one body that pictures one family they are going to be.

Lovely Hearts and Two Birds

If the couples are into cute and loveable concept, then birds and hearts should not be excluded from the invitation. In order to highlight the sweet mood, one bird is waiting on a flower blooming tree, while another bird flies closer while bringing pink heart on its mouth.

No doubt, wedding preparation takes a lot of time and effort. Instead of making a one-of-a-kind invitation, there are plenty of printable design any couple could pick. Some of the most popular ones are the vintage chalkboard, vibrant chrysanthemum, damask border, dandelion, etc. This, of course, will help the designer as well as the couples.