Unique And Memorable Handmade Wedding Invitations

Anyone who has wedding plans ahead? You better had listed the guests’ names. Those who are planning big wedding ceremony might have thousand names on the list. Some others prefer to keep the wedding party private, where only hundreds people invited. For these special individuals, why don’t you give them handmade invitation?

Greenery Theme

There is one rule of wedding invitation: it has to go along with the overall theme. For those who are going to have garden party, the greenery theme should be one of the top pick. Give several shades of green on the leave crown border with your crayon or coloring pencil!

Lovely Water Color Touch

Going for a soft and charming look? What about putting the watercolor touch on the invitation? If you happen to order one tone invitation, brushing the brush on the surface will give you new color. Not only providing shades, this effort will soften the initial bright color. Make sure you avoid the letters!

Simplicity Look

Even though complex and frilly decoration are always found on the invitation, simplicity concept never dies. If you are keen of chic theme, then carve you and your spouse name with a fancy handwriting! Don’t forget to pick thicker paper for this purpose. Simplicity in wedding needs exclusivity, after all!

Floral Festival

One decoration that will always be included in a wedding is flower. Therefore, it is just a right thing to do for you to add floral ornament in the invitation. It could be the 3D one, or simply 2D with a lot of vivid colors. This kind of invitation will emit both cheerful and happy vibe.

The Glaze of Silver and Gold

The venue and dress code of wedding party also determine how the wedding invitation should look like. If your wedding dinner would be held in a huge ballroom, then go with fancy gold and silver on black paper invitation. The white letters could be highlighted with silver marker while the gold marker is ready for the finishing touch.

Rustic Tag

Do you think that your invitation is too plain? Don’t give up just yet! Make creative cover using lace and twig. By the time your guests receive the invitation, it would have the lovely rustic tag vibe.

Creating something memorable is not always pricey. You can always do simple craft and give it to the loved ones, reminding them about your big day. One more thing: it is great to have a handmade invitation from scratch, but the half-made ones are great, too. Why don’t you start from the design above?