Wedding Flower Ideas for a Marriage Party that Creates Memories

Flower decoration is always synonymous with marriage, where the presence of beautiful fresh flowers add a beautiful and romantic impression in the atmosphere of a wedding reception. Therefore, do not let your floral wedding decoration seem ordinary or even flat Or even to tend to be boring, because at your marriage new history will start, then make a lovely wedding flower deco sari to start your life good. Make a little creation for the presence of this blooming flowers to make guests invited amazed.

Variations of floral decorations are often used in weddings

Having a unique wedding flower decoration and different from others will certainly give a sense of pleasure in itself. Where the beautiful decoration is much ogled and praised by guests, this is certainly very influential on our confidence. Here is an idea that makes the presence of more attractive floral decorations in the party:

  • Floral curtains

It is a floral wedding decoration made with rows of flowers hanging parallel to form a curtain, where this ribbon will give a touch of interest at every corner of the party.

  • Floral runner

Flowers as a centerpiece on the table may be commonplace we see, floral runner model created by presenting flower decoration that makes the more riveting by arranging flowers beyond the banquet table limit, even to fall to the floor.

  • The ceiling is full of flowers

Decorating this by decorating the sky-venue venue with floral decoration, this decoration is an interesting idea that can make guests admire the flower-filled venue ceiling

  • Decorative fountain

This decoration model is perfect if at your wedding party using a fountain ornament, do not let the fountain appear ugly, create a design of decorative fountain where the spray is decorated with little fresh flowers at every level.

  • Floral chandeliers

Light elements give the impression of beautiful and warm at the party, especially if the chandelier is combined with fresh flowers. Not only beautiful, decorative party increasingly support the feel of romantic on your special day.

  • Floral tablecloth

Decorating the whole table with flower decorations was impossible. However, you can still apply this fascinating idea as a decoration for the wedding cake table.

  • Floral monogram

Making floral decorations at a party without losing your style, you can decorate to your taste and imagination, for example making a wreath to make your name and your spouse’s name. Exciting right?

Apart from the seven types of ideas in making wedding flower arrangements, several more ideas can be used as an inspiration for the wedding flower arrangements:

  • Wedding Bouquets

This album features a variety of fresh flower bouquet creations, on this board alone there can be more than 1500 pictures collection that we can not be bored to look at

  • Rose wedding bouquets

Roses are mentioned as a flower that has a symbol of love, flower arrangement of this model consists of a series of fresh roses for bouquet of flowers on the day of marriage

  • Paper wedding bouquets

Who said a bouquet of flowers could only be made from fresh flowers? It turns out ad aide interesting also to make a circuit of flowers derived from a paper which then conjured into a beautiful flower for the wedding day.

  • Unique wedding bouquets

This flower model is made from unique and colorful beads so that when arranged into the shape of the flowers will produce beautiful and unique flowers

  • Button bouquets

Not only paper, manic, and diamonds that can be used as bouquet bunya, it turns out the flower arrangement can also be made by using buttons, in addition to the beautiful results of buttons can also produce a bouquet of flowers with an attractive display and color combinations.

Having a wedding with everything has been well prepared will be fun, is not it? Moreover, can choose unique wedding flowers and different from the others. Happy reading this article useful.